Saturday, 13 October 2007

virgin post

DAMN. The first word of hopefully many more to come for my blog...ahhah you guys better be prepared for lots of ' syok-sendiri ' seriously I am happy with myself laughing xD for now i would like to thank pauline for all the nagging ,bitching and reminding to get a blog since...january ??? somewhere there...I have a feeling i am going to be damn lazy to update...will try to prevent that from happening as long as interesting things happen...but since PMR is over and the biggest thing that is on the horizon is the LEO thingy and results...aih...ciao for now


pline said...

lookit me!
leaving the FIRST COMMENT. *ahem*

*clears throat*
i have NOT been nagging/ bitching or wtv! i've been KINDLY SUGGESTING. lols

update frequently and do not let your readers down.! (:

(that means me. and some other folks. ;)

neerajio said...

WILL DO!!! ahah for now my spirits are high..ask me in a week... or tomorrow really..xP

Ee Mun said...

YOU GOT A BLOG???!!!!!!

congrats to PAULINE =P