Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Hahah yeaps SOH > CAH > TOA... sister just told me how she used to remember it

CAH = Can Anyone Help
SOH = Save Our Heads
TOA = Try Once Again

Put it together and you get a little story and my title to my 6th post

To all former SKDU students there might be a reunion thingy held sometime soon...details will be given so yeha...Should be pretty interesting...School today was... I don't know really...Was fun to see Pauline's sexy new haircut ( looks a little familiar XD ) nah it is good seriously...But on the other hand the rest of the day panned out with football and ( spelling surely wrong ) chor tye ti and uno...It was a fun day...But somehow I feel that something was missing...

Now we have goal posts in the football court...They aren't great but waaay better then cones...I don't know what the F the school is doing to the field seriously looks like a terusan or something...Could name it terusan wanna whack your mama norsam...Ah who knows the extent of Norsham's boredom...On a brighter note futsal this weekend and the big MU vs ARSENAL match...Should be a good one +D

So yeah nothing much going on so there is nothing much to blog about...I think that is mucho logical SO YEAH - ciao -

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