Wednesday, 17 October 2007

uptown girlz

Well we didn't see any real uptown girls but we went around uptown with a girl looking for sponsors...Said girl was pauline who is rather good at persuading people to part with their cash XP uptown turned out to be so/so...not really the best place but ah well... thanks to clinic wong and chye man... They gave us hope...

The meeting was okay ( hahahah ) then suddenly cs tells me he sees jou yin, mei yin, and sieu minn at the counter..jou was supposedly 'absent' but when i go there i see them all in sports attire xD turns out sieuzy went running / jogging and the other two went for bball annndd .............. FOOTBALL!!! suckerrr hahah after that sunday they're hooked playing the greatest game on earth xP well mei yin at least la

Yeah so there you have it...tomorrow is call up people and slumberr day...friday ou for sponsor and job hunting

ciao guys

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