Monday, 22 October 2007

i'll ding your dong

YO...My computer is getting better. My relentless scanning has paid off but it still needs a professional once over by my compter guy who is out of town XP...I CURSE THE MOTHER F-ING BASTARD WHO INVENTED SPYWARE TO HELL

Moving on nothing much has been happening lately...Went to OU to look for a job today with chen sern...damn man now i know why half the student body is working in MCDs...NO ONE HIRES 15 year olds except for them...we met sherwin and eric a couple of times who constantly reminded us of this...we tried everywhere man...almost went into la senza xp we even tried the batting cages...the owner is uber friendly...maybe its because I go there very often.. ah well

The auto gate people came over and began drilling a hole in my skull via the walls..but now i have a doorbell and soon an auto gate! DING DONG!!! nyahahah

Went for add-maths tuition...can do it mostly but it is still a major pain in the nuts to do... it has been raining every friggin day man...

Signing off now - hoping for better things and clearer skies ( literally ) to come

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