Sunday, 11 November 2007

my first tag

Yesterday I got my first tag =O Credit for this goes to

Pau – line XD

When I was doing the tag these thoughts ran through my mind

‘what if I don’t feel like it’

‘you’re not the boss of me!’

‘you can’t make me so there’

Ah well…I question authority… It’s my thing… But I’ll be nice and play along.

Here are DA RULES


1. Each blogger must post these rules.

2. Each blogger starts with 8 random facts about themselves.

3. Choose 8 people to tag.

1. I hate and do not consume eggs. No omelette du fromages or sunny side ups or scrambled or hard boiled or anything for me. But in ice cream or cakes where you can’t taste them then yeah I’m okay.

2. I have large ears (all the better to hear you with)

3. I speak English and Malay. (Hindi just never happened)

4. I get paranoid and I tend to ‘over think’ things and I worry unnecessarily once in a while.

5. I sleep with the curtain half open. Hey you would as well if you lived about two houses away from a hospital. It is actually so I can see the sky ; )

6. My arms aren't straight and I can bend them in interesting ways. And they get cold and numb easily.

7. I used to be really into dinosaurs.

8. I am one third sindhi and one third catholic and one third punjabi and I celebrate Christmas and Deepavali (much to the amusement of certain people)

I tag ( the fun part )

peck hwa


pline said...

to nee:
someone so OBVIOUSLY wants to DIE. think veli funnay eh, playing with ppls names. NEE a/l RAJAWALI.

HAHAHAHAHA. i sound good angry. roaar.


neerajio said...

lols but I didn't change any part of your name !

LEO is rubbing off on you