Wednesday, 14 November 2007

5 Friends Of The Opposite Sex.

Well since in my last post we laughed at and with the complexity of females now I shall be nice to 5 in my life.
Name 5 Friends Of The Opposite Sex.

- How old are they?

- Where are they currently?

- How long have you known them?

- tag 5 people.

First of all I shall take the liberty and presume all these good little gals are at home

1. Niki

at home
Since form 2

2. Pauline


at home
Since form 2

3. Shahreen


at home

Since form 3

4. Stephanie

at home
Since form 3

5. Jou Yin

at home
Since form 3

Would You Rather...Party with 1 or 5?
I’ll go with both…? When it comes to this seriously the more the merrier.

Marry 2 or 4?
Haha refer to the answer above ! kidding… Pauline… I want to see whether a marriage could work with so much of sarcasm xD But I do believe that all three people involved have their interests elsewhere.

Kill 3 or 5?
Jou ‘broke up’ with me and straightened her hair

Date 1 or 2?

I shall let you know how dating 1 goes kay

Make out with 1 or 3?

1. Niki ….I am loyal like a puppy

Cuddle with 2 or 5?

Neither really… They don’t seem the cuddly type to me

Have kids with 3 or 4?
Ahah both (not at the same time) They’d both make great mums

Live with 1 or 3?

1. Niki

Be stuck on an island with 2 or 5?

2… Pauline could have a three story house ready and do a log book or two about it and still have time to make Carbonara for dinner

Has 3 ever hurt you?

Yeah when she called me rajraj ( raj squared ) xD

Have you ever hurt 4?

No I havn’t right Steph #p

Can you beat up 5?

Haha err this is hard to say… Maybe… Do ballast tanks help in a fight Jou ?

When is the last time you saw 2?

Errrrrrrrr….. I’m going to say a few weeks ago... It’s been quite some time

Who is the smartest?

I don’t know ? I’m not one for comparing total marks

Does 2 smell good?

Pauline?... I’m no basset hound but from experience yeah I guess

Who Has The Better...?


Havn’t really noticed


All really


I’ve seen Pauline in normal clothes more then any of the others and no complaints there

I tag

jou yin

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