Saturday, 5 January 2008

goodbye goodbye

better update or Pauline is gonna shoot me

My swiss relatives have all gone back -p will miss them loads man... they were so fun
Yesterday my relatives from Singapore came and today they left -p


my two cousins who study abroad leaving next month... GAWD man no parties and booze and mamak-ing at 2 in the morning...

School has started and...................
I reaaaaaaa-he-he-heeallly want to be in kempas but alas I am in keladang
not too bad though
pretty good pretty good

today went for footie at belinda with some people I don't know HeHe
was fun la - haven't played in damn long
hopefully this year we will have some decent PJAS time

I shall now leave to,,,,,
do my karangan ?
nah done it already xp

haha i'll think of something


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