Sunday, 27 January 2008


As many of you know last night was Michael's farewell party at glenmarie. I don't have that many pics so I'll let my words explain it out mostly...

So yeah at 6.30 I head over to David's house as pre-planned. We(the guys) were going to his house then Amir would pick us and the girls(down the road in Shahreen's house). Nic and Pei Ji were at David's and Chen came soon after. So we were waiting and hanging out... No one was around so we started a jamming session with myself and Pei Ji on the drums, David on bass and Nic and Chen on guitar singing a song about David's gay dog Westy XD

So we waited and waited and waited and then Amir and the gang show up(it was raining by the way) driver-less... we were like what the... It was already like 7.30 so we were kinda tense... Amir said his driver would be coming in about 20-30 minutes so we chilled out while contemplating skipping the party and having our own party here... The girls on the other hand had left with Michael's mum.

So after much persuasion Amir made some calls to his dad,mum and driver and got some news for us... His driver was in Kota Kemuning or something... No transport to the party and the time was eight o'clock. So we decided to call taxis. There were 12 so we said we'd call 3. The first one came and 4 people got in ( it was still raining) and then the other taxi just drives by the house... The guy probably saw the taxi there so... yeah.. We call another taxi at 8.30. Taxi comes but there are six people.. we pay twice the money and toll fees and we all ship out.

Taxi driver was a cool guy... he works part time as a cab driver and part time as a musician... he plays bass for a jazz band. We finally arrive there at 9 ish =.=

But it was a cool party like everyone was there and yeah.... The house looked much different then it did last time... So we mingled and ate and drank and then challenged the shufflers to a duel... They took it too seriously xD but it was funny so yeah... Then we played football which was fun because it was all dark so you could hardly see the ball and your team mates...

Then we all hung out some more... Then things got a lil emo... xp

So we camwhored =D hehe

We ciaoed at 1130 dropped the girls back and yeah...

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