Sunday, 3 February 2008

yesterday I was in the petrol station and I was getting some candy and I saw some hot wheels cars and yeah I bought one ! I used to be so in love with these things man (still am) it is a bugatti veyron here is the photo shoot

aerial view

front view

side view

rear view

after buying said hot wheels car I went to kayu for david's thing =p his mum picked me, pauline and aik lynn... so we got there... watched the Man City vs. Arsenal game, talked, laughed, ate, drank, teased, and most importantly had a good time =)

trying to get them to pose but aaron was occupied with the tv

Steph got milo/teh spilt on her. LIKE THE WHOLE GLASS XP ate one point of the night she told me and chen that it was 'getting sticky' xD she seemed fine though =D

ahah pauline looks like she is giving me the finger here but she is actually playing with her hair... I think...

then we cut the cake before the Man United game david's cake made by his aunt who stuck two !!! star wars !!! figures in it. After the cake was cut I had some fun bringing them to life and making them fight with each other

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