Saturday, 1 March 2008

i haven't been updating in a loong time =p ( a week )
been busy
doing things like...

it was an 'accident' and i had 'no intent of playing with it'
that was my bu**sh*t story i came up with the second pn chan came to my class demanding to know who did it or she would suspend us all xD

damn funny... just pressed it then whooooosh the whole floor was full of smoke
and coincidentally our class is right opposite the staff room -.-

studying with miss debate pro ( sad we got no pic of blue gurl eh pauline )

'shuffling' with the Kedondong Crew a.k.a K-Unit at the K Palace
no pics but after exams we will have a video

and coughing for about two weeks =p
hopefully will be better by next friday for the auditions

vacation update after exams

ciao people

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