Sunday, 9 March 2008

yo peeps =p

saturday morning started out with footie at belindas. i saw our girls bball team train. the coach seems... interesting

so yeah i came back and chilled. sister dear and I were really bored so we told our mum we should go get my ear pierced today(everyone told me not to except one or two supportive individuals) ... was suppposed to on monday night after futsal but yeah i was reaaaally bored.

so we went to ikea, then to curve where we pierced me ear then picked up some things from cold storage and the very cool organic veggie shop. then we visited my cousin who was on his second last day of work at the apartment ( gay gay pink shirts )

then went home and watched a HORRIBLE football game which mu dominated and were treated mucho unfairly. even the commentator who is un-buyest thought so
damn fucked up wei SERIOUSLY !!!

never mind... shall not swear on my birthday ( lols see how long that lasts )

so yeah was pissed off after that but i calmed down and went online

then it was 12

me two best buds called first followed by a string of other people (thanks !)

then i decided wtf lets celebrate

i love the disco shot glass !

apparently 'BN' still are in charge but lost alot ?
politics do not satisfy me

and now for some VERY belated bday posts
didn't think i would do em but yeah change of mind

rui chingy ching chingg

i have pics of you just couldn't find them !
like steph i stole this pic from your blog ! nyahah

stephers ling

very hornay with markers in tuition xD

david roshie ( yep he had hair once )( second pic damn funny )

cheers mate ! down with liverpool !

happy bday wishes go out to keyao and kiren of whom i do not have pics of -.- must change that

you say
"you're coasting on potential towards a wall at a hundred miles per hour"

i say
"let me crash"

i have all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle
just that there is no frame to hold it all together

kk enough with the random quotes

so to summarize it all
i'm 16
football/ps2 addict
love friends and family
happy guy
a bit of an alcoholic ( carpe diem people)
and the rest you should know =p

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