Sunday, 27 April 2008

as you know i loved drama and the team. but go back to the auditions and here is where i want to thank someone. that person is the main reason i joined drama. we were on our way out of the audition rooms terrified but then she told me to go for it and go back. so i did. if not for her i would not have missed all those classes. missed out on my studies and yeah +) i sound cynical but I'm not! seriously because if not for her i would not have made all those friends. learnt all that i did. i wouldn't have had some much enjoyment in my life.

so i reaaaallly wanna thank this person.

so to the happy,green loving,bromine burnt,debate pro,scout fanatic( my crystal ball says future king(should be queen) scout), language experto,football hating,stomach crampy, i quote "miss i don't eat the canteen food because it is too real",future president of the US wannabee, the crazy sister owning,the really pretty but she doesn't know just how much
, i could really go on and on and on because there really is so much to tell but this will suffice i hope. for now +)

so thanks to (insert words in bold ) pauline.lim.wen.jun

kamu batu. ( YOU ROCK )

stole the pic from your blog by the way !

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