Friday, 25 April 2008

i have not been a very good blogger have i +) internet was down
i profusely apologise =p
i am back
and pretty soon i'll be leaving !
well not that soon but yeah next wednesday i am going to langkawi...?
it's random with exams in less than two weeks away but oh well i'm used to it

tomorrow's the HELP debate thingy and i would like to wish them GOOD LUCK
not that they need it honestly speaking but oh wells

thats ALAN. he is an orang utan we adopted in sarawak when we went there last year.
here is the update from them.

Alan is in good condition and he is healthy. He is now coming to 4 years old and his body weight about 13 kg. He come to the feeding platform almost everyday and love to play with the others orang-utans. Alan is very good in climbing and making nest. He also loves to eat banana and sweet potato.

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