Wednesday, 14 May 2008

if I look into your eyes then you'll see mine

oh the many things that could mean
once upon a time when I was occupied that could have meant so much that to me
but now it is just a good line
how things change
but otherwise I am still the same... people say naughtier *WINKS
here are some langkawi pics

langkawi cable car and suspension bridge

our hotel

our nature tour

the scenery was so bloody good...

cruising down a untouched river wind blowing~ water splashing~ birds and insects calling~ all the greenery... aihs

can't go to langkawi without this man

cool place opposite our hotel
football banners from EVERYWHERE adorn the walls

on the ceiling messages from tourists all over the world
people got married there !!

waiters sing and do magic tricks while you eat

really rustic and nice

and to end on a HIGH note... it has been more than two weeks since I have had my fortnight celebration! I know you are proud +)

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