Thursday, 12 June 2008


yeah the name says it all doesn't it...
most of you suckers have a HUGE MISCONCEPTION as the name would give you a clue that port DICKson(had to do that) is smelly and BAWRING and yadada

well in my opinion which i am entitled to i think that there are some quality spots all over this place man =p

the pics will prove you wrong

firstly the Royal Port DICKson Yacht Club
excellent food, beach is much better now, nice grounds, the pool table is a slight disappointment but yeah overall pretty damn satisfying

hot girl passing by

i did not i swear i did not drink

commando chips... fries in sambal, anchovies(fresh i suppose), egg(which i do not eat), sausages, chilli, onion you get the pic

next was our hotel : The Eagle Ranch

i give these fellas credit la they stuck wholeheartedly to the cowboy western/ biker theme


log cabins, teepees, 2 story horse carriage house thingys

serious everywhere man...

pd gear : shorts, flip flops, cap, shades

it is like a bikers haven too ! stood there and drooled for a good amount of time

the restaurant... the walls lined with alcohol...

i mentioned the bikes

fifi the kitten( short for lifafa)

her mum was squished on the road so we 'adopted her for our stay'


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