Wednesday, 9 July 2008

you must be an excellent baker because those are some nice buns

well iu day wasn't rubbish as everyone thought it was going to be.
the only part was that NO ONE DRESSED UP !

OK maybe a bit of an exaggeration but honestly I was probably the only non-interacter dressed up

malaysian public are very unsporting as I've come to notice.
even for last years christmas/halloween thingy.

back to the event,well the hall wasn't good. natural sunlight floating in through the windows was not a good touch. food looked good and I didn't hear any bad remarks about it( didn't eat at all)

the first band was a too emo ( personal opinion)
other two were good
open dance floors are always good though the djay shouldn't have repeated the songs...

and what else is going on as of late ?
debra falling off her chair made us laugh for an estimated 20 minutes
daughtry's concert
leos bake sale( hence the title)

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