Tuesday, 12 August 2008


*cue the song

At first we were quite disappointed with the fact that we were only going to KDU COLLEGE which is 2 minutes away. Not much of a bus ride but by the end of the day everyone really enjoyed themselves.

SO… first things first after assembly we headed to the canteen and waited for about half an hour

till Pn. Catherine (kudos to her for doing most of the work) told us to hop on the bus with a pretty psychedelic interior

headed to a lecture hall for breakfast ( nasi lemak ) and mr…. Michael I think gave is a intro… funny and really pleasant fella… he owned victor with the batman joke which is our new class tagline( why so serious ??)

then we got divided into 3 groups and headed for three workshops namely

a) film production ( Giovanni )
b) advertising ( Maha/Meha)
c) photography ( Jason)

the lecturers were great
each with their own styles

gio was sophisticated and he sounded and acted so much like victor it was freaky
with him we learnt about film production and we made a short film of our own

maha / meha was really spontaneous, outgoing in your face sarcastic but in a cool way.
No picture of her because hariz took my phone =p
We learnt about advertising with her and made a radio ad for the Beijing Olympics

Jason was laidback, chilled out and cool guy type
We learnt more about cameras with him and did image blur and light shots with him and a some photoshop

After a light lunch we headed to the prize giving and debriefing

On the bus ride home we camwhored(typically)

Jo getting gangsta

Don’t mind the vulgarity

It was Eugene’s idea

On the whole it rocked =p kudos to the lecturers/ pn Catherine and for once.. the school ??? yeah whatever

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