Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Just got back from OU(well curve) with Zenny and Chen. Here's how it went down.

Chen and I got to OU and were waiting for zenny but since she was taking so loooong to get ready (true blue girl she is) we decided to pay a visit to steph's which is really down the road from there... It's like my place to school.

So we walked there and as soon as we reach they(the rest of the ling family) are getting into the car and were off to the gym. Apparently her dad said we looked ready to get some girls xD rock on man.

We got back to OU and Su-zen still wasn't there -.- she came in like 5 minutes so no damage done. Then Chen says why don't we go to Curve because APPARENTLY he wanted to eat. So we walk aaaaaalllll the way to the curve and almost get run-over like 50 times because i can't cross roads for nuts ok i admit it =p

We reach there and someone has a brainwave to watch a movie. Credits to zen for not choosing a really crappy movie like BABYLON A.D.

We watched EAGLE EYE

(note the abscence of any real eagles in the movie)

MOVIE WAS GREAT ! things were going boom and bang and hwoah yeah action movie style !

and the cayyenne


yehas so we exited from the movie at like 930 and what do we do... WALK ALL THE WAY BACK TO OU

honestly didn't feel the walk either way
was to busy laughing

then we head to the foosball tables where chen gets his ass-whooped twice

congrats to zenny for beating a guy at his own game =p 6-1

AND NO I AM NOT 1st in the league anymore -.- just you wait man.. it's ninja time.
AND the prancing horses... aren't looking so good =\

ciaos people ! selamat hari raya to all

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