Monday, 6 October 2008

you make it real

good song from james morrison

boots from belindas

we all have the same type just in different colours =-p missing chip's


These things rock socks
Those grey-transparent things fold out as WINGS !!!!

the dessert from hell

I know it sounds dramatic but it was gurgling and hissing at me i swear !
-.- Burnt the caramel twice incredibly.. Third time was the charm

The recipe is so freaking simple


Yeah you try okay.

It was that long... sorry the picture isn't clear i Was rushing before it fell into the abyss.

The end product which personally i find too sweet but hey you might like it.
Two bloody hours figuring out a recipe which was 3/4 incomplete

Exams start tomorrow. A month from now we we'll breathe easy again people.

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