Friday, 31 October 2008

the three blind mice

that was my idea for what we were going to call ourselves before we settled on static. I still think it is a good name -.-

Two days of break,two days of exams and we are finally freakin done.
This has been the most drawn out exam we've had -.-

Look on the bright side, in 1 year and a bit we'll be having SPM!!!!!eheh bet you guys are quaking already

Chilling. Lets take and optimistic look on things. The holidays are within touching distance.....

One of the last few holidays we can actually enjoy now that you think about....
There goes the optimism right out the window. ah well

From my sister's graduation party. I would post up the picutres of all of us dancing but the positions we were in might alarm some 0,o

I'd like to thank 3 lovely young ladies in particular now -Namely Pauline, Su-Zen and Jennifer for helping us out with the preparation for our performance.

Thanks to Su-Zen and Jenn for help with the band name.
Thanks to Su-Zen for posting up the video without informing me first =.=(thanks i mean it =)
Thanks to Pauline who actually came over and helped us and gave us an outside opinion.She even had a go on the piano =D

And a big thanks to all you guys out there with the positive feedback. You guys rock. ALMOST as much as we did 8-)


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