Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Roughly around this very instant.... TOMORROW.... I'll be landing in Bali =D

I always have mixed feelings about going on trips because of all I'll miss while I'm away(people, events etc.) Events this time will be the usual football at belinda =( I LOVE belinda. Me, Chip and David actually count down the days to belinda every week.

Ah well on Saturday will be the actual wedding day so I'll be preoccupied.

Friday I'm hitting the beach. And then there is a dinner at night

Sunday I'm heading for 'the alps' of Bali. You wouldn't think that a place like Bali has alps BUT THINK AGAIN. Temperatures are 15-20 Celsius during the day. Interesting for a beachy place like that.

And I'll be back some time on monday.

So Cheers and I'll be back with a proper update with pictures.


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