Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Mark's favourite part of the vengha boys song. he did it with such enthusiasm i swear.

The zoo trip the other day was fun, the goal was to make the orphans happy and I think we did that pretty well =p
Despite the fact that it rained and we couldn't do ANYTHING but get wet and eat. But we laughed a lot throughout the whole day so
yeah good day.

Pictures from those who brought cameras (yi-may and jou) ! All i have is

Serenity hills at the entrance. Everyone was like quick take a picture !!! so yeah that one is for you serene

And jou =D

Nothing like a misty ice cold shower after a great game of football. Seriously one of
the best feelings in the world.

We played BU4 today at sports plaza and we were on new ground but seriously
it was good. Both teams were pretty evenly matched. I finally got a goal with a header =D
Yeaaaa was good stuff. Got to play with them again soon.

And the rest of the day flew by with me doing homework. I've started form 5 add-math. SERIOUSLY TRIGONOMETRY IS NONSENSE!!!
Holiday tuitions are nonsense in general but oh well it is for the future I suppose...

Cathching 007 tomorrow with the sister at Gardens. Wondering how bad it is since all I've heard is it sucks. Come on... Cars,girls,guns,explosions... hello????

~bond out

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