Saturday, 1 November 2008


Started out with the usual - footie at belinda's. Sad our ball burst and we had to end Slightly earlier than usual ='(

BUT IT WAS ALL GOOD. We proceeded to Nana's as per usual for breakfast. The topic of the day was........ GUYS WEARING UNDERWEAR WHILE WE SLEEP. WHICH SHOULD NOT BE DONE. Poor Yi Qing. She started wondering about her brother XD

The girls were training at the court today. Think we kinda interrupted them with a few stray balls crossing over the court =p SORRY GUYS

SHOUTOUT TO ASHVIN ! heard you hurt your back. TAKE CARE =)

After I came back i was pretty buzzed. But Su-Zen ended up dragging to OU. Didn't accomplish what we set out to do but yeah we had one hell of a time.

She's on a mission. To get me to enjoy sushi
-.- Normally I would condemn the stuff but I'll admit this one was pretty OKAY

So we went to SUSHI GROOVE. Cool place. Waiters need to be a bit more attentive though. We spent almost 2 hour eating. Was too busy laughing at pretty much everything. Seriously she is fun to have lunch with. Her theory is that we laughed so much your stomach takes in air and you don't gain weight or something to that effect.

After that we proceeded to get stuff but we didn't manage to so yeah... Got FIFA 09 instead !!!!!!!!

Hehehe good shit. Then we went to play foosball which is compulsory. Seriously she is good. Almost had the beating of me but yeah... Ah well she trashed me in air hockey -.-

jeng.... ~MY SHADES~ ahem =p

she loves the stuff =p

su-zen mid-flip of the scarf which she loves so much

I left soon after that picture was taken and that was the end to the good day.

MU-HULL 4-3 ?!?!?!?

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