Tuesday, 2 December 2008

bali nights


The bulk of the pictures ( 5000 + ) from 4 different cameras are not with me. So I shall be giving you guys a prelude with pictures from my lowly 2 mega-pixel camera phone xD

Basically Bali was….

1. Drinking every single night.
2. Staying out on the beach and by the pool with my cousins till later than 3 a.m. every night and waking up at 7/8 the next day.
4. F~U~N

It was my second time there and I swear I’ll be back. Now to the pictures….

Big ass chicken. Seriously the chickens there were HUGE.

The wedding chapel which was amazingly gorgeous. It is all white set on a black platform with water flowing off it.

Really amazing stuff. What is more amazing is that it did not rain during dinner both of was outdoors considering that the it was the two previous nights.

This is here just because it is red.


I wasn’t feeling too smiley a couple before hours before take off.

The contents of the drinks are split into Cations and Anions 0,o

Yeap. Pocari Sweat

Those of you expecting an update featuring pictures of last nights moon and stars thingy are wrong! HAHA. I like to keep you guessing ;)


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