Wednesday, 31 December 2008


We had a post-Christmas dinner at Chen’s the other day. It was an intimate gathering of some close friends. Chen and I cooked. David was supposed to as well but he had no transport to get the ingredients so he passed. Anyways to sum it up, it was a really good evening. We talked about EVERYTHING under the sun. From music to politics to future careers to relationships to reminiscing about the past. Awesome time. (pictures are on Pauline’s blog)

All I have is Chen’s hamster who’s name is Obama/Barney

The next time I’ll be blogging, it’ll be 2009. I’ll be in my last year of school. I’ll be a senior. I’ll be very close to being 17. I’ll be a lot of things.

I’m not going to do those posts where I list down al the interesting things I did this year or a post with pictures of the whole year.

I’m just going to say that this has been a great year. It went by too quickly though, but it was a great ride. I met some really great people ( nope, I’m not going to give you the list, those of you who I’m talking about know who you are ), went on really good trips, learnt a lot about life and the way people operate amongst lots of other things. Big thanks to those who were on the ride with me.

Before this post starts to sound like the last words of a dying man I’ll end it. Till 2009 ~ ciaos. Happy New Year.

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