Friday, 5 December 2008

strike a pose

Here are the pictures from Bali. Hopefully I won't need to update for a while after this post =p


while the girls were in the bathroom at the airport

about 1/3 of the luggage of less than 40 people

about 1/3 of the alcohol that we brought



happy times in the balcony

before we went shopping in kuta

COUSINS ! or at least some of them

at the pre-wedding looks like we are getting jiggy but we weren't. she isn't into dancing much



wedding day ! the infinity chapel

the infinity part of ‘the infinity chapel’

we like to pose

I say again… we like to pose

bride/groom/ exchanging of vows/ camera guy in the background and balding heads in the foreground =D

my mum’s side of the family missing 3

my mum’s side of the family missing 2 ( note I am the tallest in both )

wedding dinner

lanterns and fairy lights in the trees

err… flowery thing

babi guling ! it rocked !!!

mariachi band that went table to table serenading

okay it gets a bit random here…

fire dancers 8-) very very hot

when in Rome do as the Romans do and pose

cousins again


and again


we went to bedugul on Sunday which is the highlands of Bali.

this is a temple on the lake.

apparently it is one of the most sacred temples in Bali because of it’s 11 tiers
(count them)

dad and I chilling by the dock

my mum insisted that we try a tour of the lake via speedboat



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nameeta rajwani said...

oi dungu i PERFORMED and i don't dance much?! only you'd dance while trying to walk up stairs in a sari. HMPH.