Tuesday, 27 January 2009

1st gear

I DROVE TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHA. It was fun. My mum almost jumped out and when I hit the accelerator a couple of times but I was quite tame considering I didn't go past 1st gear =p Still, it's an achievement !

On another note, KHMER.

Which means Cambodian. Everything there was Khmer this and Khmer that. And to think I only figured it out on the last day -.-

Most of the pictures are on my facebook so
~ http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=517254615 ~
feel free

Our hotel (Pavilon De’ Orient) was freaking awesome. Not only was it beautiful, but the staff there were freakishly nice and accommodating. The little things they did were seriously nice of them.

They only have like twenty rooms so they really take care of you.

On the whole it was a good trip. Lots of temples and ruins to stare in amazement at. It’s amazing how people had the patience to chisel away until they formed ornate stone carvings. Kudos to them.

The shopping on the other hand was disappointing, compared to Bali and Bangkok =p.

The pictures I took with my phone –

Lotus in the hotel

Smiling stone head – there were dozens of these and they were HUGE. Pretty creepy

Dragon carvings

Elephant carvings

Creepy looking corridor

Ending this one in an eerie way - look closely for a stone face

~ ciaos

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