Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Doughnuts in the sky

I like starting out my posts with songs =p Lovers in Japan - Coldplay and it’s awesome.

Picking up from where I left of… MU WON!! 3-0!!

Sorry just had to get the message out to the world. That felt good. Okay last week was pretty hectic with orientation and IR Day. Orientation was fun. Hopefully all the little kids enjoyed it. We had fun trying to persuade them to join us and not Interact. Got really creative with the persuasion from what I remember. I was bringing up going to heaven and saving the elephants =p

Serene and her much loved doughnuts

They really had fun with this game. Kudos to whoever came up with it!

Next came IR Day -.- the most stressful I’ve been in a long time. Learning the dance moves, running around setting things up on that day, running around doing the lighting but it was worth it. The dance floor wasn’t long enough and the turn out wasn’t great but we still made money from this project so HELL YEAH!

Don't they look alike ! heh well they did at the time. Considering the state I was in forgive my judgement =p

Since then, things have pretty much mellowed down. I’m leaving for Cambodia at 7 bloody hell a.m. tomorrow which means I have to leave my place at 5 WHICH means I have to wake up at 4. Considering I’ve been sleeping at nearly 2 for the past few weeks,,,, TOMORROW’S GOING TO BE GREAT !

~ See You

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