Saturday, 3 January 2009

i grew up by the highway, she grew up by the sea

A line from a really good song " jupiter one - platform one "

A lack of updates is a testament to how busy my life has been these past few days. How things have changed from a year ago. A year ago all of us in class would be chilling out, hardly bothering to do homework on time if we even did it at all. Now it’s a race to get it done in school. Guess it’s the pressure. But it’s very productive so I’m not complaining.

It’s a good thing they refrained from streaming the classes, I think everyone’s happy where they are except from the odd exception or two from jati/belian who are switching. All our teachers are exactly the same except for BM and English which rock now because of the teachers. Don’t get me wrong, Pn. Zulaika is a hard worker but she’s interesting.

So from the first 3 days of form 5 the main complaint I have is that we had no PJK this week =\. But hey, we’re playing kempas this year so that should be interesting.

Other than that, life is back to the usual. The normal stresses of high school were quite a welcome comfort at first. AT FIRST… STRESS AT FIRST because I know I’ll take that back soon enough -,-

signing out with hopes that life gets that little bit more interesting

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