Sunday, 11 January 2009

Reds against the Blues

Tonight’s the big clash. MANYOO vs. CHELSEA. But more on that later,

I attended a wedding on Saturday, three wedding celebrations in two months with more to come soon. Sad I’ll be missing my cousins one in Geneva =\

This one was in a resort in Janda Baik. My geography being as shitty as it is, you can’t possibly expect me to tell you where that is right. It’s somewhere near Genting... It was a really nice setting. Very woodsy and outdoorsy

The vintage Jaguar wedding car

The food

A blur picture of some deco – ( they really put in a lot of effort with the decorations – just this one photo doesn’t justify what I mean but I’m not that into photography )

It was overlooking a lake-pond-body of water type thing

The cake was very unique – 7 tiers of cupcakes

And now I’m off to…..

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