Friday, 13 February 2009

Again and Again

Not the most appropriate title of Valentine's eve? Haha it's a great song by Keane but it's the lyrics...

We say these words again and again
But they still sound the same
It was in your eyes, in your eyes
They were just easy lies

The lightest words are heavy
And promises are easy
And no one's ever happy or sad for very long
But just because I said it
It doesn't mean I meant it
I guess that was the way all along

Able to connect ?


NEVER ever have a really heavy tea and then fall asleep immediately no matter how damn tired you are. I swear, nausea is sickening.

I know updating once a week isn’t fashionable anymore but bear with me, it’s been a soul sapping week and when I get back home I head for tuition, marching practice, do homework or I sleep.

Not much of a life but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.

Speaking of marching practice, it’s quite fun to be honest. Don’t know why I haven’t been doing it for the past _..... yeah don’t know why I’ve never done it. Ever. Ah well it’s never too late. Screaming at people is always good fun.

Not saying what this is but most of you will get the picture. And most of you know already.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I’m single and somewhat happy(happier??nah) this year.

Let’s just say it’s going to be an interesting day shall we.

Can't believe there's a heart on my blog -.-


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