Thursday, 19 February 2009

My first and last

...sports day.

First by choice but unfortunately there aren’t any more in my future. Why I never took part one before is still a mystery to me and it’s a decision I will regret. Planning the formation, working all the details out, endless practices, marching together with my house, marking, beating the hell out of those buckets and finally screaming ‘BIRU’ with all my heart gave me a unique feeling.

Something close to when you play football with your friends and the whole team is really playing and you are a class above the other team. This is saying a lot since football is the high point of my life =p

Just wanted to say thanks to the rest of the blue squad for giving your all. Biru rocks.

And all our hard work did garner results. 2nd place !

To Rumah Ungu (1st ) and Rumah Merah (3rd ) and to Rumah Kuning, and Rumah Hijau great job too. It’s a shame there has to be someone who wins and someone who doesn’t

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