Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Road to Rome...

...Begins tonight. Girl readers (if there are any left) can skip ahead.

The Champions League last 16 begins tonight!!! Ah can’t wait to wake up at 3.45 a.m. to watch ManYoo versus Inter Milan.

Will we be seeing that again? Time will tell but it’s looking good.

Now back to normal blogging, we cut open a frog today!!! Okay towards the end when we were ‘looking for its brain’ be decapitating it and skewering it with a scalpel which I broke (hey, skulls are tough. go figure) it wasn’t so much for the learning process. Once you start going it’s kind of hard to stop.

I feel a little cut up about it now (pun intended). It’s a little morbid to think that one minute you are hopping about in a bucket, the next you and your unfortunate buddy are wrapped up in a bag containing chloroform waiting to have your innards on display and finally you are hacked up into a bunch of bits and are chucked in a plastic bag waiting to be thrown away. Life sucks eh?

Ending on a happier note

Leo BOD interviews were today. Quite fun * evil grin


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