Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Second/Third/ 4-bazzilionth coming

Please for the love of god tell me someone somewhere out there is reading this damn thing!

I know I said I’d be back with a revival in my last post and all but then tragedy struck. My internet went down down down all the way down to the depths of some never ending pit where things don’t return from. Actually my computer dude was out of town for three weeks SO YEAH. There you have it.

Not going to make any promises to blog or anything because those seem to jinx it. All I will say is this is an active blog so for those of you who’ve given up checking here for updates, I AM HERE!!!

A lot has happened since I last updated, most importantly was the OASIS CONCERT!

ROCKED LIKE HELL. Wasn’t even a fan before I went but a concert like that changes people. The Singaporean crowd (Caucasians in particular) was extremely violent for the first 3 songs then they calmed down a bit. Well as calm as you can get in a concert.

Talk Tonight – Oasis

They didn’t play it but it’s my favourite oasis song.

Recently we were doing a dissection of a chicken wing in class so being true 5 Keledang-ians we COOKED THE CHICKEN WING WITH A BUNSEN BURNER! We didn’t eat it of course but yeah it smelt really good =p.

And the rest would be pretty irrelevant to mention now (can’t really remember actually) but overall things are going good so I’ll leave it at that.

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