Saturday, 9 May 2009

Mercurial Elegance

Basically that's shiny pretty car in fancy terms.

Stand By Me – Oasis

I was searching for the Acappella version of stand by you for our performance and that turned up. It’s a pretty good song. Well, it is from Oasis ( Praying that my sister never sees that )

Another Saturday is passing by without anything big happening. Studying for mid-terms like every other form 5 out there. Form 5 Bio – Chapter 2 is pretty interesting. I was a bit intimidated at the start with all them bones and all. ( head bone is connected to the neck bone, neck bone is connected to the.... )
But it wouldn’t be bio if it wasn’t confusing, long, repetitive, dreary and mind numbing...

I just realized a depressing fact, the only thing to look forward to at this point is the term break and then after that in a couple of weeks, trial begin 0,0…

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