Tuesday, 30 June 2009

4 days ago

To my favourite artist by miles, to my idol growing up as a child, to the man who made the greatest music in the world, to the most well known man probably in history, to the man who changed not just the music world but the rest of it too with his music, style, personality, and basically just by existing.

Forget all the scandals and abuse and plastic surgery bullshit. He rocked the world and I for one am quite sad his life ended so tragically. I really regret not going for his concert here. All his concerts were sell outs. Even his comeback tour sold out in minutes

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I used to don on the red sequin jacket, white shirt, black pants, white socks and black shoes and perform his songs at weddings ans stuff. I dug it out today and it brought back the memories man =p I kinda regret not following through on that hobby of my life.


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