Tuesday, 9 June 2009

' moving forward, the youth of a new era ' - hate forum

Forum sucked balls. Generally on the whole it sucked but there were some pretty good moments. Overall, a roller coaster ride with more downs than ups but the good bits were pretty damn great.

The food generally was bad but hey, it was a LEO thing so I wasn't exactly expecting much. The accommodations were okay except for the power cuts and the housekeeping department which didn’t have anything at all. The first dinner was bad because the same dance crew performed 5 freaking times! Talk about originality -.- And the worst part of it all, the part which had mark and feeling like kicking the organizers in the vacuum filled heads they had was the fact that THERE WAS NO DANCING. Now the fact that eclipsed that point is that they wrote on the itinerary that there’d be two nights of open dance floors. Ma. Freaking. Foot.

It was only fun because our club owned and we practically made a clean sweep of the awards. Even the public speaking competition was won by a DU-er ( Zhi Ling ) All of the seniors were really proud of her even though we weren’t involved in it =p Proud mama and papa moment. And not to mention the awesome company I had ( DU and non-DU ). These people make even an 6 hour bus ride somewhat bearable.

Lucky for me, it was my first and last forum.

Looking to the horizon...

Any guesses ?

Any at all ? Come on, take your time..

This should give you a better idea

I think you're bored of guessing already. Alright here we go

Your opinion ? Su-Zen and Mark like em =p

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