Thursday, 4 June 2009


Leo Forum is tomorrow ! I just about finished packing, I know I'm definitely forgetting something but screw it! Hopefully it isn’t something big.

The number of times I said “fuck it” when I was packing was a bit scary 0.0. I wasn’t angry or frustrated I just couldn’t really give a damn about packing so I just threw loads of stuff in my bag which are probably unnecessary but as I’ve been saying for the past hour and a half ( not that I usually take so long to pack, I was prolonging it and taking a lot of breaks in between ), F IT XD

Pardon my french

I’m pretty excited I guess, this is my first and last forum =p From what I’ve heard it’s pretty good but yeah not going to regret not going last year because I’m sure I spent the time appropriately. * COUGH *COUGH

Till next time fellas ~ rajwani out

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