Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Feels like I'm lost in a moment
And I'm always losing to win
Can't get away from the moment
Seems like it's time to begin

I really like kasabian, the singing not so much but their music itself is awesome. Holidays started out with three days of footie ( futsal with the girls > belinda > big field match ). Then it slowed down a bit. Sunday was my usual hectic day and then Yi-May's party. I realise I don't eat much at parties because i'm always busy mingling ( the reason formy skinny frame ).

Prom meeting yesterday, baked cupcakes today and tomorrow ? Thinking of spending the whole morning on my drums. Learned some modern stuff from my teacher which really blew my scope of what i could play on drums. Now i want to perform =p

Forum this week and i'm going as either...

with his shirt on of course -.-


I'm hoping with the hair and my generally indian (persian) looks i can pull it off

Off to watch Entourage now, Jeremy Piven OWNS

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