Sunday, 21 June 2009

who you gonna call ?

I'm getting my groove on to the theme song at the moment. It's such a fun song !

So is in the beginnning - k'naan. Very jiggy song. Great for lifting your mood which is what i've been needing. Not that I'm sad or anything, just really tired. Saturday morning began with the usual - football at belinda's. The weather was awesome and it even rained half way through. Sad the most of them didn't want to play in the rain =\.

Next I went for lunch with Pauline and Kun to Euro Deli. Usually all I go into that place for is some turkey ham but I'm glad to say i shucked the habit this time. Tried some cheesy creamy white sauce pasta with bacon bits and apple sauce which I really liked. Came back at around 3 and practiced my drums and stared at....

My mum got it for me... It's trippy 0,0.

Then I went for dinner with some relatives. Came back at around 1030 then went to Centrepoint to see Peck Hwa who left after 10 minutes !!! -.- she sucks but it was worth it.

And today was my usual sunday routine. Aih where did the weekend go?

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