Thursday, 30 July 2009

Creative genius

Thoughts of a dying atheist -

I know you're in this room I'm sure I heard you sigh floating in-between where our worlds collide

Hyper-chondriac music –

I don't love you and I never did I don't love you and I never will

Citizen erased –
Wash me away Clean your body of me Erase all the memories They will only bring us pain And I've seen, all I'll ever need

Snippets of the lyrics from 3 different songs. Something they all have in common,

~ they are freaking awesome and they are by MUSE.

People of the world, stop, listen and be amazed. And to think I passed up the chance to go for their concert when they came here!! * hits head repeatedly *

Tomorrow, minimum of 4 periods of physics in school, maximum 7 followed by physics tuition in the afternoon. PHYSICS HEAVEN

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