Friday, 7 August 2009

all down hill from here

My Muse collection now consists of over 20 songs (and counting)!! This is getting insane in a good way.

Latest happenings =

Trial timetables -.- In 13ish days trials will officially begin! Then end abruptly after two days… Talk about anti-climatic. After 9 days of holiday, trials again… For like a bloody month. And when it finally is all over, in 3 weeks from then, it’ll be the big one. Not a very bright future.

But looking at the near future, I have a big game tomorrow.

Not the usual Sunday football but this is a match in TTDI. Big field. Big stakes. Big responsibility. Seeing as there is no more PJK for the rest of the year and people are giving up Belinda, it looks like this might be the last time we get a chance to play before SPM. Better make it count.

~ Captain out

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