Friday, 25 September 2009


We only have one life (this may not concur with all religions, one of mine in particular but put that aside for a minute) which means we only have a limited time on this earth. So since we’ve been born, the clock has been ticking. None of us know exactly when our time will be up so time management would be essential right? But what exactly would be defined as leading a good life? Doing what’s right or doing what we want to do. Sometimes doing one means forsaking the other.

It’s about finding the perfect balance because all of us can’t be doing what is right all the time. Everyone slips up some time or the other. So the result would be balancing the time that we have to do as much good as we can and with the necessary indulgences along the way. Here’s to efforts to sustain this vision (for lack of a better word)

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