Friday, 2 October 2009

The jar of life

Quite a famous story but for those of you who haven't heard it -

One day, an old professor, was invited to in front of a group of 15 psychology students.

Standing in front of this group and said, ‘we are going to conduct an experiment’.
From under the table that stood between the professor and the listeners, the professor pulled out a big glass jar and gently placed it in front of him. Next, he pulled out from under the table a bag of stones, each the size of a tennis ball, and placed the stones one by one in the jar. He did so until there was no room to add another stone in the jar. Lifting his gaze to the managers, the professor asked, ‘Is the jar full?’ The students replied, ‘Yes’.

‘Wrong’, replied the old professor, now pulling out a bag of sand from under the table. Cautiously, the professor poured the sand into the jar. The sand filled up the spaces between the stones. Yet again, the professor asked, ‘is the jar full?’ Without hesitation, the entire group of students replied in unison, ‘YES!’

‘Wrong again’, replied the professor. And as was expected by the students, the professor reached for the pitcher of water that was on the table, and poured water in the jar until it was absolutely full. The professor now lifted his gaze once again and asked, ‘What great truth can we surmise from this experiment?’

My interpretation.

~ The main things in life (the big stones) should be prioritized. Family, friends and god are the things that matter most.

Next, comes the sand (career, studies, hobbies) are still essential to fill the jar (to complete or lives).

Lastly the water, this could be interpreted differently to some people but for me, it’s doing my part in protecting wildlife and preserving the environment, charity or community work, appreciating nature and the beauty of the world.

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